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Yoga is the harmonious union of mind, body and spirit and a yoga mat is the ideal place in which to practice. The yoga you will practice with me is thoughtfully created, following poses and a sequence designed to build the physical and mental qualities of stability and strength, flexibility and peace.

If you are looking for a holistic and non-intimidating experience of yoga which deepens your understanding, answers your questions inspires you with the confidence and joy to develop your practice of yoga then you have come to the right teacher.


A yoga with sarah always includes elements of yoga philosophy to align intention, breathing techniques (pranayama) a physical practice (asana) and closes with a guided relaxation or meditation to balance and reintegrate body, mind and breath.






I offer an easy to follow approach in which I aim to inspire you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy the practice and find enjoyment, grace and respect for your body, mind and breath. 

I practice and teach Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga and have been greatly inspired by Krishnamacharya’s philosophy to ‘adapt yoga to the individual, not the individual to yoga’.

My teaching is enthused with lessons from my teachers who give great attention to details of anatomy, alignment and intelligent sequencing (Iyengar inspired) as well as those who placed emphasis on compassionate discipline, strength and endurance (Ashtanga inspired) and building the mind-body connection for balance with dedicated rest and relaxation.

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