Peace....If we can work towards creating a little more peace in our own bodies and minds, then naturally the world will become more peaceful; if we spend our lives being in fight, attack, judgemental or defensive modes of being (and doing) then those actions also have an effect on the world… This feels true for me, perhaps true for you? A

As long as I am engaging in my own internal battles, then there is violence in my thoughts, words, and actions and this is reflected in my environment and creates a ripple like effect. I wish for the creation of peace to be a fully practiced and lived part of my life, in my relationships to myself and others, my personal and professional life, my calling in this world. And it is my privilege, my duty, my responsibility entirely to create this.

In understanding yoga I begin to wrap my mind around the concept of there being ‘no other’…. that we are each other and we are the world. and everything going on in the world right now is a direct reflection of everything that is going on in each and everyone of us. We are all connected, interdependent and interrelated. (This deserves further discussion and explanation in another post)

Through mindfulness, meditation and yoga practice (teaching and my own practice), not to mention the thought provoking conversations with many of you (big Thank-You to you all), I understand that many of us are unconscious of the ways we hold violence in our bodies. Yoga practice encompassing 'asana' (the physical postures - that includes savasana - the ultimate relaxation pose) is just one way to discover the source of our hidden frustrations, angers and aggression and make peace where the tension lies and the tight spots reside. This small act can start to dissipate a little of the anger, greed, hatred, fear, or jealousy we store in our bodies, then our minds and then the world.

It is nothing new to highlight that physical limitations and emotional tension are interconnected, therefore taking part in yoga classes, for many of us, is a good way to break down these unhealthy restrictions in a 'mindful' (awareness just of ‘what is’ without judgement) and peaceful way.

Becoming aware of where and what you are ‘holding’ is the first step towards creating the space where you can fully experience peace.

In making your intention for the week (which can be contemplated on at any time by the way, during any yoga practice this week or first thing every morning for example) perhaps consider what this might 'look like this week for you, and how incorporating ‘peace’ may positively affect your mind and body as well as other people and our planet.

Please take a few moments now...

And again either at the end of your yoga practice, end of the day or even just the end of the week, I would recommend taking a little space to consider any insights, thoughts or feelings you observed as a result of bringing an intention of peace into your awareness, your day, or your week. Taking this time enables you to connect your mind and body and bring what might have been a positive but abstract idea into a concrete reality and start our own ripple effect.... Bringing more peace into our world. When your thoughts and actions are congruent with who you are at your very core (and I believe we all start as peaceful beings) we cannot fail to leave a lasting impression of peace all around us.



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