There are many health benefits of a conscious and efficient breath pattern, and cultivation of calm, deep and steady breathing is a central theme of yoga practice.

But ....

Calm, deep and steady breathing is not supposed to be something we do! Yet another thing on the never ending 'to do' list. Instead It is something that should emerge/spring from the practice.

The entire practice of yoga, which in my classes involves mindfulness of movement, postures, and breath is not supposed to be another thing we are supposed to do right or do good.... Don't we all judge ourselves enough as it is?

The idea of deep breathing then is not something to impose on yourself; it is not to direct or control your breath... Rather it should be the exact opposite. A liberation and freedom of your breath.. To remove the constraints already placed upon it.

How do we do this then?

I suggest by rather than 'taking' a calm, deep, steady breath perhaps 'invite' a calm deep steady breath.

Just a thought...

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