The meaning of 'Creating Yourself'

Perhaps the meaning of travelling, of exploring, or of taking the 'road less travelled', isn’t about ‘finding yourself’.

Perhaps it’s about discovering different places, spaces and faces from which to ‘create yourself’ in a way which better reflects you, just as you are.

Perhaps when you left you felt lost, but im here to tell you, you probably won’t find a place and feel you are found... however.

Perhaps you return home (internally perhaps more than externally) to a place, space or face in which experiences, possibilities and opportunities enable you to create the life you long for, that is founded in you, just as you are, and now with renewed purpose, and passion, having now lost some of the previous restrictions or limitations that held you your

self and your potential back in the first place.

Inspired by reflections on the words of George Bernard Shaw who remarked, “Life isn’t about finding yourself; Life is about creating yourself”.

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