Remember The Gift of Hatha Yoga

In the Yoga Sutras it is written that we should be practicing the physical yoga postures with 'sthira-sukham asanam—which means with steadiness and comfort. Steadiness and comfort refers to both mind and body states.

Sandra Anderson says it beautifully when she writes, "It is a state of being “seated” in ourselves, of the body being comfortable with the mind, and the mind being comfortable with the body. In this way, the body can support the expansive state of a beautiful, clear, calm mind".

So although many of us come with the desire to develop also our strength and flexibility, we must not forget the real gift of our physical practice which are in the higher goals, creating mastery of the mind and a deeper connection to self and others. When we strive for perfect poses, or when our practice becomes rigid or routine, and just too disciplined our attention is extern

alized and we lose the gift, the thing that makes yoga truly unique.

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