Discovery of either is the Realisation of Both

If you know, accept and appreciate yourself and your uniqueness, you will permit others to do so too.

If you accept, value and appreciate the discovery of yourself you will encourage others to engage in self discovery too.

If you recognise your need to be free to discover who you are you will allow others their freedom to do so too.

When you realize you are the best you, you will accept the fact that others are the best they.

But it follows that it all starts with you.

To the extent to which you know yourself, (and that we are all so much more alike then different) you can know others.

When you love yourself you will love others.

And to the depth and extent to which you can love yourself, only to that depth and extent will you be able to love others.

“Love and the Self are one and the discovery of either is the realisation of both”.

Thoughts inspired by and Quote from Leo Buscaglia - Love

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